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SKYLANE-250 & 350 VTOL

SKYLANE-250 & 350 VTOL

Designed and optimised for long-range BVLOS flight operations. Perfect solution for delivery service and long-distance inspections. Capable of carying a payload in a form of cargo or high-value sensors with state-of-the-art optics. Featuring AIRLink onboard, SkyLane supports fully-autonomous flights with real-time video streaming, AI, 5G, cloud connectivity and much more.

  • 300+ km flight range
  • 3+ hours flight endurance
  • 100+ km/h cruise speed
  • 7+ kg payload capacity

View the sky-drones website for more information!




  • Aircraft type: VTOL
  • Propulsion system: Electrical
  • Wingspan: 2500 mm or 3500 mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Battery voltage: 12S
  • Wind Resistance: 13 m/s FW, 7 m/s VTOL
  • Operating temperature: -20...+45C
  • Carrying case: 1300mm x 530mm x470mm

View the sky-drones website for more information!


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